Dave Warrin's Eulogy
'I Remember'

If you asked what I learned from my mother, she would have told you: How to do the laundry, how to mow the lawn, how to sew, how to help out raising four boys by a single mother. What I will tell you is more than the solutions to a temporary situation. What I have learned from my mother is lessons in the most valuable aspects of one's existence. The parts that make one cherish this life, cherish every moment, and have others cherish it with you.   Positivity in the light of darkness. Humor on the brink of sadness. Inclusion on the cusp of loneliness. And Love.  Every minute.  Love.

She taught us how to smile,
        and have others smile with you
How to laugh
        and have others laugh with you
She taught us how to dream
        and nuture other's dreams
How to be inspired
        and how to inspire others
How to be yourself
        and have other's cherish themselves
How to be there.....
        for others

Reflecting on my childhood, I can remember my mother raising four boys and being all that she could be and doing all that she could to adapt to the situation successfully. But I also remember.... The laughter....   Perhaps at the time we were not concerned with the origination of our sense of humor.  We were each trying hard to quickly squeeze in our own bits and make everyone laugh. It was and still is my favorite scenario when all the boys get together.  It is non-stop smiles and laughter. I remember the music....   Piano scales relentlessly coming from one room, a radio blasting from another, and drums blaring from the basement.  Utter chaos to most.  To my mother, it was the sound of a wonderful symphony warming up, knowing beauty would ensue. I remember the sacrifices..... Waiting a year to take piano lessons, since she had made every financial sacrifice to buy a piano. Inspired from our humble beginnings on the tennis racket in place of a guitar.... She certainly nurtured our creativity and our self-expression.

As I have grown older and wiser, I have realized more and more that she was not just the facilitator, the supervisor, she was THE teacher.

We have followed our inspired dreams of self expression with a smile. As adults, those expressions have been heard by millions. Nearly two months ago, I left NY City's 10 million people to be with MY master of positivity, humor, inclusion, and love.  And certainly once again, I was humbled by her teachings.  We learned to enjoy every moment that we have the privilege to own.

We had wonderful dinners, everyone laughing, sharing stories, sharing smiles, sharing love. She always commanded human interaction.  I remember when we were all singing songs with a guitar in her room.  Barely able to eat, she still found the strength to lift her frail arms to clap and sing along.  Smiling.  Always smiling. As she lay there, she was a shell of her former physical body,  but her heart,  her energy, her spirit, stood erect. Raising us to new heights of admiration and inspiration.

Two weeks after the nurse gave her two days, I would sometimes sit on her bed while she was sleeping.   As she lay there so closely to the end of her physical life, I would sometimes break into tears.  But as soon as a tear would hit my face, she'd snap up and say "David, what's wrong?"  What's wrong sweetheart?"......  "Nothin' Ma, Nothin'."  I'd whip up some humor and we'd both break into laughter.  It's an old trick she taught me.

MOM, my love for you, my admiration of you,  and my inspiration from you will continue to grow wonderful lives. Your amazing energy that now works through others will shine on, and continue on many beautiful paths that will only continue to grow.

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